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Opportunity. Advantage. Benefit

What's in a Name?

Àn-fà-ní is a word derived from the Yoruba language spoken in West Africa, primarily in Southwestern and Central Nigeria, by the ethnic Yorùbá people. However, this ubiquitous word also occurs in different variations (such as 'Amfani') in the Hausa and Batonu languages in Africa, and is known to have emanated from the Arabic word 'Naf'.

Dependent on context, this word has several meanings in the English Language. A few are; Opportunity, Advantage, and Benefit. Other meanings include Privilege, Utility, and Importance. The sheer impact and positivity of Anfani and all its meanings is what we are about.

Who Are We?

At Anfani, we are the Energy Broker for the Unbanked and Underserved. We imagine a world where businesses can grow, powered by affordable renewable energy.


Our brokerage platform connects businesses, renewable energy providers, and financial providers in sub-Saharan Africa to make energy and electricity more accessible now than ever before.

We stand for the literal meanings of the word, Anfani: Opportunity. Advantage, and Benefit.


We have created an OPPORTUNITY for micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises to take ADVANTAGE of our Renewable Energy Brokerage Platform for their BENEFIT.

So, whether you are a business owner seeking to power your enterprise, an energy provider seeking to provide clean solutions, or a financial provider seeking to provide financial services, we have a winning proposition for you and all of us.

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What Do We Do?

Strategic Partnerships

The Renewable Energy Brokerage Platform

We are Anfani

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